Waterfront Recording Cottage

This waterfront recording cottage is a remarkable feat of engineering and design, built in just nine months, despite the challenges posed by its location on an island with limited vehicular access. Our team worked closely with an Architect, Landscape Architect, Studio Designer & Audio Visual team to create a space that is truly one of a kind.

The cottage features a sound isolated live room and an isolation booth that are fully equipped with top-of-the-line recording equipment. The recording space is fully integrated with multi-room control, enabling the user to monitor the recording process from any room in the cottage. In addition, it is equipped with two kitchenettes, one and a half baths and a state-of-the-art Lutron lighting system, adding ambiance to the space, and setting the right mood for the musicians. The result of this custom build is a recording studio that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, providing the perfect space for creativity.