How to Choose a Property Management Company

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Choosing a Property Management Company

As a homeowner, you want your property to be pristine all year round. From trees and shrubs that are perfectly pruned to hardscape and irrigation features that need to be carefully maintained, home management presents many distinct challenges and attention to detail.

When looking to hire a home management company, here are a few helpful tips on finding a dedicated, experienced team who will provide exceptional results year after year.

Create a Checklist

Before you begin your search, it’s imperative to create a checklist of all the attributes you’re seeking. Ask yourself these questions: What are you looking for in a home or property management team? What is your price range? Do you need a company that will tend to just the horticultural elements or one that will take care of everything? Mapping your needs and interests upfront will help you find the right fit for your home care needs.

Conduct Research

Once you have listed your preferences and needs, it’s time to begin your quest for a home management company. To do this:

•Look online and search for terms such as “property management companies near me” to find companies local to you or service your area. 

•Take your time and even look at each company’s website, portfolio, press mentions, and reviews. 

•From there, narrow down your candidates and create a list of who piques your interest and can accommodate your needs.

Schedule a Consultation

After you have selected your potential candidates, it’s time to set up a consultation appointment with each contender. When speaking with these companies, you want to be upfront and honest about your needs and what you’re looking for in a property management company. Also, this is the perfect time to ask specific questions about their services and any unique circumstances about your home.

Select Your Company

After you’ve spoken with each of your potential candidates, gather your notes and begin the selection process. Keep in mind that you want to choose someone who will meet your property goals, exceed your expectations, and alleviate any of the stressors that come from maintaining your property. When you’ve found the right team, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that no matter what they’re tasked with, the job will always get done correctly.

A Home Management Company You Can Count On

As a leading property management company in Fairfield and Westchester counties, Fairfield House & Garden understands what it takes to maintain today’s modern homes. With a skilled team of home maintenance and improvement professionals, we’ll keep your property in pristine condition for the years to come.

To learn more about our management services, contact us today at 203.661.8900!